Diotima Records Music Management Ltd was founded in 2017 in London by Giorgio Pinna, Claudia Barsi and Antonio Doro, already members of the band Souls of Diotima. We are a team with twenty years of experience in music business and our collaborators are distributed around Europe. 


All three have been working for many years and continue to work with some of the biggest producers in Europe and with important professionals in the music business and they have traveled and continue to travel around Europe with their band for their tours, so working with many promoters. In addition to Giorgio, Claudia and Antonio the Agency makes use of the collaboration of professionals scattered around the world, graphic artists, photographers, music producers, stylists, press agencies, webzines, magazines, music reviewers, radio and web radio, Spotify playlist curators, music publicists, booking agencies, club owners, merchandise/printing companies, music distribution services and companies.